Run Away with the Cirkus

by Vieka Plays

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When I ran away with the circus (for the second time) I made a load of songs for a show, some you have heard before but here are the finished versions for your aural pleasure x

Glastonbury, oh wondrous place of very well organised entertainment and pleasure. Wow wee, what a time I spent.

I sailed in on my orion boat as easy as cutting through cloth. I had enough supplies to last a week with Gin and Guinness a plenty. I built a small cosy nest lined with lilies and leopards lit with circles and squares and cosied up next to my fellow crew members awaiting the arrival of the rest.

As yet incomplete, the festival continued to grow around me, clothing itself with layer upon layer of increasingly sultry, intriguing, strange and wondrous outfits until finally, she threw her proverbial legs open for all (with fully functioning tickets) to enter at will.

Devoured by the grandeur, I wandered soaking in the splendour but never jumping into far…for I had a job to do.

And oh dear, the spectacularity that is our show was fraught with disaster. A dress rehearsal just too short to ensure safety, last minute changes, a sick performer…will they perform or won’t they? Will the gut wrenching, heart busting last two months of furious work & reharsals, forsaking all others, have been worth it?

“To the healing fields, fair maiden…”

And all was well. The show received a standing ovation from one corner on one day and played out to thousand of excited eyes throughout the whole sun-shiney weekend. A job well done, with footage still to come.

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released August 13, 2015



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Vieka Manchester, UK

Blending, warping and creating a sonic smorgasbord then delicious and satisfyingly belching out moody influences sullenly tied together with a ribbon of originality.
The unabashed vocal content winds through sexual desire, mortal loss and childish play. She blissfully hovers her sound in the darker realms of life (or hoovers her music up from the filthy corner of the proverbial room).
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